Renewable Energy at Google
Google has announced that it will use 100% renewable energy to power its data centres and offices from next year. With over 60,000 staff and numerous data centres and offices, the company is already the largest single purchaser of renewable energy. Google has been working towards 100% usage since 2012. Last year 44% of its power was derived from solar and wind power in 2016 and from next year all their power will be renewable energy.

Google has been actively looking to reduce costs as the demand for power from their numerous data centres is growing. Pressure to reduce their carbon footprint is high as it is suggested that companies such as Google are responsible for approximately 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. Google’s EU energy lead, Marc Oman, commented “Our founders are convinced climate change is a real, immediate threat, so we have to do our part.” For more information on reducing your carbon footprint and your renewable energy options in Exeter call Lawsons on 0800 160 1989.

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